Who are our befrienders?

Here you can see our befrienders at work!

What do our befrienders support us with?

Befrienders are Y5 and Y6 pupils. They are trained to help the younger children to play nicely together, make friends and know how to start games so that children who have nothing to play can be included in fun in the playground. We also go next door to Airedale Infant School to support the infant children during their break-times!

How do they do their job?

The Befrienders work on a rota so that there is always a befriender around to help. It also means that they get time 'off duty' to play with their own friends! Befrienders wear a blue bib over their uniform so they can easily be spotted on the playground. They work during lunchtimes in the playground, the dinner hall, packed lunches room and in the lunchtime clubs (Computer Club, Cool Creators and Quiet Club). Our sports lunchtime club is run by Elite Coaches who help children to play together fairly.

What training do the befriends receive?

Befrienders are carefully selected and trained by Mrs Wells, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Bradney & Mrs Hooley (our learning mentors) to help us to support our peers.