Our Aims


Our Vision

Aspire: We encourage children to ‘think big’ and ‘aim high’

Believe: If you believe in yourself, then anything is possible

Achieve: Academically, socially, independently and creatively

At Airedale Junior School we seek to create a sense of COMMUNITY through an ethos of achievement, enjoyment and compassion in a safe and caring environment, where everyone is valued. 

We strive to provide the OPPORTUNITY for all pupils and staff to achieve their full potential.   

We aim for EXCELLENCE in all areas of school life and will achieve this by inspiring and preparing our children and staff to embrace the challenges of life; with a positive attitude, with confidence and with respect. 

Our Aims 

Statement of Ethos and Values 

To cultivate a caring, tolerant community within a safe environment, in which everyone feels secure, valued and respected; a community in which everyone can work as a team, supporting, encouraging and praising all achievement; creating a happy, caring school, where success is celebrated and mistakes are learned from. 

To provide a good education for all children through a curriculum that is exciting, stimulating, challenging and builds self-confidence. 

To provide high quality teaching and learning for all pupils, at all stages of school life.  

To raise standards of attainment through secure progress for all children.

To establish a modern, vibrant and inspiring learning environment in which the physical, personal, social and intellectual potential of all members of the school community are fully developed. 

To strive for excellence and set the highest expectations for all members of the school community. 

To involve parents fully in the education of their children through regular communication, knowledge of the curriculum and the shared recognition of success.

To sustain a community spirit, with parents, pupils and staff working in partnership and with mutual respect for each other.

To promote good citizenship and qualities which include tolerance, empathy and compassion.

British Values Statement