Ethical Schools


Our Trust seeks to uphold the values and virtues of ethical education and therefore try to use the Ethical Leadership Framework (below) in everything we do.

We have chosen to be a part of the Ethical Leadership in Education Pathfinder Project. Being a Pathfinder means we join over 150 other schools and trusts across the country who are testing out the framework, to engage our school communities.



Ethical leadership is firstly a matter of the values and behaviours of those appointed to hold positions in public life and lead our educational organisations. It is therefore intrinsic to leadership standards, development, and qualifications. It is also a matter for governing and Trust boards in the appointments they make, the monitoring they undertake, and for the regulation and inspection of our schools.

Ethical leadership is about the values and virtues society wants to pass on to our children so that we may all look forward to a just, honest and kind future.

By becoming a pathfinder organisation, we hope that we will improve further our ethical foundation; provide appropriate training for our school leaders and governors/trustees; meet similar-thinking schools and trusts and lead the way as an exemplar of ethical leadership and inspire other schools and trusts with good practice.

If you would like to find out more about the Pathfinder Project, please follow the link below.