Our Governors

Sharon Butterfield - Chair of Academy Council

To contact Mrs Butterfield -   Telephone 01977 556946 or in writing to the school.



Airedale Junior School is part of Northern Ambition Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust. For more information about Northern Ambition Academies Trust, and details of the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of governance, click here or use the menu bar link to visit our website.

Overall responsibility for the performance of the school lies with the Trustees. However, together with the Headteacher, the governors on the Academy Council of Airedale Juniors are responsible at a local level for making sure our school provides a good quality of academic and social education for all children, for scrutinising the work of the school and checking it complies with Trust policies and procedures. They are involved in lots of the strategic decisions about how the school should continue to develop and improve, what our main priorities are and how we can best use our resources to achieve these. Decisions are the responsibility of the whole Academy Council, not any individual, and are made in the best interests of the whole school. Details about the Academy Council can be accessed here.

Governors are all volunteers. They do not need any formal qualifications, but may have skills or expertise from their own experiences and bring a different viewpoint and fresh ideas to the role. They receive training and support to help them undertake this role. They should be committed to wanting the best for the school and its pupils, be interested in the work of the school and be prepared to give time to the role.

The Academy Council meets five times per year, aligned with meetings of the Trust Board and its other sub-committees, to review what has been happening in school, act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher by questioning and scrutinising the work of the leadership team, to advise where appropriate, and to make decisions as set out in the scheme of delegation. Governors also visit school so they can see the work of the school in action and understand how plans are being carried out.

The current Chair of the Academy Council at Airedale Junior School is Mrs Sharon Butterfield. She can be contacted by writing to, telephoning or emailing via the main school office. Academies are required to publish information about individuals who hold office within the Trust, or have done so within the last year. This information can be accessed on the Northern Ambition Academies Trust website here.

Airedale Junior School is operated by Northern Ambition Academies Trust.
Northern Ambition Academies Trust can be contacted on 01977 664555 
Chief Executive/Accounting Officer of the Trust: Mrs E Fairhurst
Chair of Trustees: Mr R Hall

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