Year 4

Our Amazing Teaching Staff:

Miss I Young - 4D
Miss S Ambler - 4G
Miss E Cole - 4P
Mrs E Gregory - 4U

Our Amazing Support Staff:

Mrs T Burrows - 4D
Mrs J Barnes - 4G HLTA
Mrs C Moss - 4P
Mrs M Turner - 4U
Mrs S Fox- Y3 & Y4
Mrs D Lowe - Y3 & Y4

Look what we have been up to recently...

Last term we have learned all about the Terrible Tudors! We have been reading Shakespeare's plays and even wrote a police report into the death of King Duncan. In history, we learnt all about Henry VIII and his wives. We wrote terrific raps about each of the wives and performed them in our class! In Science, we learnt how sound travels to our ears and investgated the best material to soundproof a music studio for a local band in Leeds! You can see all our hard work below. 

Look at some of our pictures...