Year 6

Our Amazing Teaching staff:

Mrs E Molson - 6D
Miss L Clarkson (Assistant Head) - 6G
Mrs C Hanson - 6P
Mrs Y Johnson - 6U (Assistant Head)

Our Amazing Support Staff:

Mrs S Fish - 6G
Mrs G Burton - 6P
Miss S Robinson - 6U
Mrs S Speight - Y6 HLTA

Look what we've been up to recently ...

Last half term our main topic focused around studying the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We have looked at why the Egyptians settled along the River Nile, the impact of the River Nile on everyday life and farming and how their beliefs were very different to ours. We also had a visitor from Wakefield Museum Service who brought in real Egyptian artefacts for us to examine and explore further. 


Look at some of our pictures...