Our Aims ,Ethos & Values






Ethos and Aims

At Airedale Juniors we believe that a positive, child-centred ethos is essential in creating a school that is able to reflect the values of our community and those of the wider society. We strongly believe that every young person, regardless of their background or ability, has the right to a high quality education through an ethos of achievement, enjoyment and compassion in a safe and caring environment, where everyone is valued. We aim to be a school that enables children to thrive and to reach their full potential ensuring they are fully equipped for the next steps within education and for adult life.

The opportunities we provide for children have these four broad aims:

  • To develop successful learners who work hard, enjoy learning, persevere and make progress from their individual starting points in order to achieve their full potential and show their initiative.
  • To strive for excellence and set the highest expectations for all members of the school community through nurturing our children’s interests and broadening their horizons.
  • To create confident individuals who are able to communicate effectively and make decisions that enable them to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives, promoting positive mental health and well-being.
  • To cultivate responsible citizens who have respect for themselves, their community and other people and can make a positive contribution to society and the wider world.


Our Values

We want to help develop our children in to happy, well-prepared and confident young children, who adopt an ‘I can’ mentality and aim high in all they do. To enable us to achieve this and be the very best we can be, we are committed to working in partnership with students, their parents/carers and the community.

Our absolute aim is to make the most of every young person’s time with us. Through everything we do in school, we teach the children the importance of our three key values:

Ambition                        Bravery                         Respect

We want our pupils to have a sense of AMBITION and strive to be the best they can possibly be both academically and personally. We aim for excellence in all areas of school life, encouraging children to think ‘big’ and ‘aim high’ so that they are equipped to embrace the challenges of life.

We aim to instil a sense of BRAVERY within our pupils and create an ethos where we are not afraid to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. Our pupils are taught to celebrate their individuality and to formulate their own opinions, expressing them maturely.

Our pupils are taught to be RESPECTFUL citizens within school and wider communities. Showing compassion, understanding and tolerance towards others regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, ability or background.