Year 5

Our Amazing Teaching Staff:

Miss K Williams - 5D
Miss R Saunders - 5G
Mr C McLoughlin - 5P
Mrs L Clarke - 5U
Mrs S Myhill (Assistant Head) - 5U

Our Amazing Support Staff:

Mrs D Lowe - 5G
Mrs J Bennett - 5G
Mrs D Scarfe - 5P
Mrs M Wakefield - 5U
Mrs J Barnes - Y5 HLTA

Look at what have been learning...

Last term we learned about ANCIENT GREECE. We had a brilliant start to the term with a visit from Wakefield Museum. We were allowed to carefully handle Ancient Greek pots which were over 3000 years old! We realised that we could find out lots about the Ancient Greeks themselves, not only by looking at the paintings on the pots, but also by how they were made! We had a great time being historians!

We also enjoyed studying different City States, followed by our own version of the Ancient Greek Olympics, won by the city state of ARGOS (also known as 5U!). We loved writing our own versions of the tale of Hercules and creating our own 'e-books' using powerpoint based on the 'You wouldn't Want To Be A...' series! Presenting to the class was lots of fun!

In history lessons, we learned all about the leagacy of the Ancient Greeks including; the birth of democracy, Greek theatre, maths and some fascinating timeline events!

Finally, we got to visit Holy Cross Church for our annual Easter Service, we enjoyed singing the new songs we had learned and celebrating with Reverend Tracy.